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J. Dixon Tews is the founder of TewsLaw, offering extraordinary business law services.
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The law firm of TewsLaw offers extraordinary legal service and value to U.S. and international businesses and individuals. Our experienced and practical approach allows our clients to accomplish their business goals by examining and choosing the best business and legal alternatives while reducing risks.

I founded the firm of TewsLaw in 2007 after 41 years as a practicing attorney concentrating in business, transactional law, as well as succession and related estate planning. I work with people to accomplish their business goals by helping them examine and choose their best business and legal alternatives while reducing risks. My primary goal is to advise on courses of action and resolution of issues in order to accomplish business goals and to avoid future disputes. I then work with the client to implement the business plan or estate plan upon which we have agreed. If litigation or other specialized assistance is ever required, I work closely with other experienced attorneys with whom I have worked in the past. I endeavor to provide real value to clients with my experienced and practical approach.

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